Sunday, September 29, 2013

Park School's Biodiversity Cool Globe


To represent biodiversity on Earth, students from The Park School (Brookline, MA) submitted drawings of plants and animals to add to this globe. The World’s Climatic System is depicted with various colors to represent major climate regions and subtypes, inspired by K√∂ppen’s Climate Classification System.  Biodiversity and climate are inextricably linked and affected by changes in the climate. Maintaining the delicate balance is vital to the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Learning about a wide range of animals and plants and their respective ecosystems sparks curiosity about the natural world both locally and globally. Understanding and appreciating biodiversity and the importance of climate issues fosters future involved citizenship.  The realms of World Health and Resource Management depend on ecologically-minded legislation, research and sustainable development, and protection of plants, animals, and ecosystems in order to preserve and improve our planet’s health.

With this Cool Globe, we ask people of all ages to learn these simple “A,B,C” messages:
Appreciate Biodiversity and Climate, and Act to Be the Change!

Artists: Park School Students and Andrea Sparks, “As simple as A,B,C-- Appreciate Biodiversity and Climate!”
Sponsor: Westfield Capital 

P.S.  I especially love the that Park School students contributed drawings to include on this globe. It is beautiful and so interesting to look at! - Liam

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