Saturday, September 21, 2013

Use Public Transportation Globe

Use Public Transportation

Saving time and money makes sense. Doing what we can to cool down the planet makes sense too. Public transportation is an easy way to cut the globe-warming carbon emissions produced by driving while avoiding the waste and frustration of traffic jams. A full bus takes 40 cars off the road—a full train can take hundreds. If you commute by train instead of driving, you are cutting carbon emissions by nearly 5,000 pounds per year. Now that’s a real contribution. Catching the latest exhibit at the Museum of Science? Take the green line! Got a meeting across town? Hop on the red line! Small steps like changing how we get around mean great strides in the fight against climate change . We are in this together.

Did you take public transportation today?

Artist: Sue Sommers, "Take the T"

P.S.  Even people like us who live in the suburbs can take the train into Boston whenever possible - it is better for the environment and it saves you from driving through traffic and finding and paying for Boston parking.  Give it a try!  - Liam

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