Monday, December 29, 2014

Newer washing machines and refridgerators can save energy

Many people wonder: "How much money can an energy efficient washing machine really save you?"
It is a complicated question with a lot of answers but I will try to show you how much use energy efficient washing machines take to pay off.
You can buy a standard washing machine for $300-$650 and an efficient washing machine for $600-$1,600. If one assumes a cost of $440 for the standard machine and $1,000 for the energy saving washing machine, the energy use of a standard washing machine usually costs about $0.62 while energy efficient ones cost about $0.41 per load. There is a difference of $0.21 in those two costs. At the rate of saving $0.21 per load, you would have to do about 2,667 loads to start saving money. Although that seems like a lot of loads, the average family does about 400 washing machine loads per year. On average, it would take you six and a half years to save money which is a long time. Although it will eventually start saving you money over time, if electricity prices increase the amount of time will decrease.  But the main reason that people should buy energy efficient washing machines is if they care about the environment.



Monday, December 8, 2014

You CAN make a difference

There are many people around the world trying to have an impact on global warming but it is really impressive when children make a difference.

Teenager Alex Lin has been committed to helping end the e-waste problem. He has done everything from recycling 300,000 lbs of waste to helping pass a bill in Rhode Island to ban the dumping of e-waste.

When Californians Merit Leighton and Marlowe Peyton learned about the effects of plastic pollution, they began an effort to put a stop to it. They began Plastic Patrol and started to raise awareness about how every person's actions make a difference. Right now, Plastic Patrol is filming a series of videos to show simple ways of reducing plastic waste such as reusing water bottles.

Alex and the two girls are just three of the many kids around the world trying to end climate change. It goes to show that everyone has an impact on our terrestrial planet. To find more children making an impact on global warming, visit the link.