Friday, August 30, 2013

Green Communications

Here is the text from the plaque of this really Cool globe:

Green Communication: Cool Globes Kids Blogs

For the original 2007 Cool Globes Launch in Chicago, Emily Abrams reached out to children from around the world to mail her their hot ideas for a cooler planet. She attached these ideas to her globe, creating a global collage. For the 2013 Boston Cool Globes Exhibit we, Cool Globes Kids, started two blogs designed to engage people from all over the world in a dialogue about what we can do to help prevent climate change. We post our hot ideas for a cooler planet regularly. Check it out, comment, and forward the links to your friends!  Liam, Nico and Charlie Stuart and Dylan, Aidan and Ian Keusch

Artist: Sharka Glet, “Cool Communication”

Check it out!  - Liam

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cool Globes Boston

Hi! Dylan here. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped Cool Globes Boston launch go perfectly. Thank you to all the artists for dedicating your time into these pieces. Thank you to Megan Scarsella for all the help you've given us. Thank you to Wendy Abrams, who without, this would have never happened. Finally, thank you to Bess Featherstone who helped us make our speech what it was. Thanks everybody!! This is Dylan, signing off.

Monday, August 26, 2013

WERS Radio Show "You Are Here: Boston’s Future Leaders"

The story, which includes an interview with Wendy Abrams, Cool Globes founder, and with me and my younger brothers Nico and Charlie, is now posted on the WERS website.  So, if you missed the story on Sunday morning, you can just follow this link and listen to it whenever you want!  Let us know what you think! Thanks.  - Liam

Click on "The Green Generation" to learn about Cool Globes and our blogs.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

WillPower Globe in Copley Square

As a thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of Cool Globes Boston and all the artists who created new Cool Globes for the Boston exhibit, Cool Globes commissioned a globe by artist Nancy Bank. This globe speaks to the strength of the Boston Community- and all the people who are leading the initiatives that make Boston a stronger community. 

Here is what the plaque for the Boston Strong globe says:

Boston Strong

The most powerful form of renewable energy is willpower-nowhere is this more evident than in Boston.  As exemplified by the Boston Marathon runners, successful training for a marathon takes dedication, determination, hard-work, perseverance and time.  It can be difficult, discouraging, and often overwhelming, but the achievement is worthwhile and exhilarating.  Tackling the problem of climate change is similar to training for a marathon. We must set goals, take positive action every day, stay dedicated and persevere.  In the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy, the world saw our community pull together with unparalleled strength.  This globe honors our city's marathon tradition, our strength in overcoming adversity, and our spirit of community cooperation.

We gratefully acknowledge the corporations, foundations and individuals who generously supported the Cool Globes exhibition. 
Bain Capital, Groupon, Medline Industries, Inc., Reebok, Westfield Capital, Boston Harbor Island Alliance, Connors Family Office, Conservation Law Foundation, The Grantham Foundation, Jim and Wendy Abrams, David Belluck, Meredith DeWitt, The Loring, Mannion and Shadek Families, Elaine and Gerald Schuster, and Jim & Cathleen Stone.

Thank you Wendy for commissioning this special globe, thank you Nancy Bank for painting the globe and thank you to all the wonderful Cool Globes Boston sponsors for making this exhibit possible in Boston.  - Liam

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Interview with Victoria Bedford, WERS 88.9 FM News Director

Yesterday, Victoria Bedford, News Director at WERS 88.9 FM interviewed me and my younger brothers Nico and Charlie about our Cool Globes blogs.  
Each week, WERS News produces a public affairs program called You Are Here. 
This week, they are exploring the future generation of young Bostonians - taking a look at political, social, economic and health issues affecting their future. 
Tori was specifically looking at environmental organizations working with kids to make Boston greener.  So she asked if she could interview us!
Tori gave us a tour of the cool WERS offices and we got to meet a bunch of Emerson College students working at the radio.  It was great!
So tune into WERS 88.9 FM this Sunday August 25 to hear Tori's story! We will be listening!  -Liam

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smooth ride

When you are driving, try to avoid braking and accelerating too fast, and you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 25%! (It will also make your passengers a lot happier.) -Liam Image source:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Take public transportation

Like taking a bike to work or school, public transportation such as trains and buses are a lot more energy efficient than driving cars. There are four upsides: one is that you can relax, two is that it can be faster, three is it saves fuel, and four is that it is kind of fun to ride a train. -Liam

Image source:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nancy Schon and her "Reading Greens the Future" Cool Globe

At the Cool Globes Opening on Thursday, we had the chance to meet and spend some time with Nancy Schon, whom I interviewed by phone in July about the Cool Globe she was painting. We also got to see Nancy's beautiful Cool Globe about how children's literature can help create a new generation of kids/people who care about our planet as it was unveiled at the Cool Globes Opening.  Thank you for participating in Cool Globes Boston, Nancy!  It was great to meet you in person! -Liam

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cool Globes Boston Opening

What a day!  We will remember the Opening Ceremony for Cool Globes Boston for many years!  Thank you to everyone who turned out, to all the amazing speakers and to Wendy for bring this exhibit to Boston.  The opportunity to participate in such an inspiring event was the opportunity of a lifetime!  -Liam

The Cool Globes Opening is Today - Come See Us and our Green Communication Globe!

If you can make it to the Bewer Fountain on the Boston Common at 11am today, please come join us the for the Cool Globes opening! Mayor Menino, Congressman Joe Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy will be speaking.  Dylan and I will be speaking about our blog too.  My younger siblings Nico, Charlie and Lizzy will also be there sporting their Cool Globes tee-shirts!  Come and say hi!

While you are on the Boston Common, check out the "Green Communication" globe that honors our blogs!  Can you see (in the picture above) that the artist painted the link for our blog right on the globe?  How cool is that?
- Liam

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini-Globe Part 3 - Finished!

Then I painted the bottom half of the globe grey... 
And that leads me to the title of my mini-globe, "Healthy Planet, Sick Planet, The Choice is Yours."  It was installed today, so it is now on display at Terminal E in Logan airport - come check it out!
- Liam

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini-Globe Part 2

After I painted the land green, I painted the oceans blue...  -Liam

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Cool Globes Have Arrived!

The Cool Globes Arriving Today on the Boston Common!

About 50 Cool Globes are being installed in several locations in Boston this week and the official opening of Cool Globes Boston is this Thursday, August 15, at 11 a.m. by the Brewer Fountain in Boston Common. Mayor Menino, Congressman Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will speak at the event.

Dylan and I will also be speaking briefly about our blog. 

Come join us for this memorable event!  We look forward to seeing you!  -Liam

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Painting A Mini-Globe

Wendy Abrams generously sent us a mini-globe to paint with our hot idea for a cooler planet.  I choose to paint the top half of the globe in bright colors to represent the planet as we know and love it.  I painted the bottom half grey to show what the planet might look like if we don't take care of it.  Tune in over the next week or so to see pictures of our Cool Globes Kids mini-globe in progress!  -Liam

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Turn off your sprinklers

I know it's very hot in the summer but on the rare occasion that it rains, don't forget to turn off your sprinklers. You don't need the sprinklers on when the rain is already watering your lawn. -Liam
Image source:

Friday, August 9, 2013


Dylan here. Back to my conversation with Jason Talbot. When Mrs. Shadek decided to sponsor a globe, she reached out to Artists for Humanity. After a lot of thought and consideration, Mrs. Shadek, Mr. Talbot, and 19 year old Kitauna Parker got together and titled the globe "Mindfulness." The name of the globe is based on a poem written by Ms. Parker and the poem titled "Mindfulness" is painted onto the globe. "Mindfulness" is about being aware of your environment and understanding the needs of our globe. The poem also makes us think about how we should not look for immediate gratification but instead, we should look to the future with a more long term vision. This is consistent with everything we've been blogging about over the past few months. The crisis in our climate can only be fixed if we all take action to improve the long term good of our environment.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Camp

This summer, I spent 4 1/2 weeks at sleep away camp.  I was so fortunate to have the chance to spend so much time in nature.  This privilege of going to camp makes me that much more committed to wanting to protect our planet so that our kids can spend their summers enjoying nature the way we can!  What about you?  - Liam

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Younger Brothers' Blog

My 2 younger brothers, Nico and Charlie Stuart, and their friends, Aidan and Ian Keusch (the younger brothers of Dylan who partners with me on this blog), started their own blog where they are posting their hot ideas for a cooler planet in conjunction with their school, the Chickering Elementary School.  Their ideas are pretty cool too! So check them out, forward this link to your friends and comment too! - Liam