Sunday, August 25, 2013

WillPower Globe in Copley Square

As a thank you to all the wonderful sponsors of Cool Globes Boston and all the artists who created new Cool Globes for the Boston exhibit, Cool Globes commissioned a globe by artist Nancy Bank. This globe speaks to the strength of the Boston Community- and all the people who are leading the initiatives that make Boston a stronger community. 

Here is what the plaque for the Boston Strong globe says:

Boston Strong

The most powerful form of renewable energy is willpower-nowhere is this more evident than in Boston.  As exemplified by the Boston Marathon runners, successful training for a marathon takes dedication, determination, hard-work, perseverance and time.  It can be difficult, discouraging, and often overwhelming, but the achievement is worthwhile and exhilarating.  Tackling the problem of climate change is similar to training for a marathon. We must set goals, take positive action every day, stay dedicated and persevere.  In the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy, the world saw our community pull together with unparalleled strength.  This globe honors our city's marathon tradition, our strength in overcoming adversity, and our spirit of community cooperation.

We gratefully acknowledge the corporations, foundations and individuals who generously supported the Cool Globes exhibition. 
Bain Capital, Groupon, Medline Industries, Inc., Reebok, Westfield Capital, Boston Harbor Island Alliance, Connors Family Office, Conservation Law Foundation, The Grantham Foundation, Jim and Wendy Abrams, David Belluck, Meredith DeWitt, The Loring, Mannion and Shadek Families, Elaine and Gerald Schuster, and Jim & Cathleen Stone.

Thank you Wendy for commissioning this special globe, thank you Nancy Bank for painting the globe and thank you to all the wonderful Cool Globes Boston sponsors for making this exhibit possible in Boston.  - Liam

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