Friday, August 30, 2013

Green Communications

Here is the text from the plaque of this really Cool globe:

Green Communication: Cool Globes Kids Blogs

For the original 2007 Cool Globes Launch in Chicago, Emily Abrams reached out to children from around the world to mail her their hot ideas for a cooler planet. She attached these ideas to her globe, creating a global collage. For the 2013 Boston Cool Globes Exhibit we, Cool Globes Kids, started two blogs designed to engage people from all over the world in a dialogue about what we can do to help prevent climate change. We post our hot ideas for a cooler planet regularly. Check it out, comment, and forward the links to your friends!  Liam, Nico and Charlie Stuart and Dylan, Aidan and Ian Keusch

Artist: Sharka Glet, “Cool Communication”

Check it out!  - Liam

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