Monday, August 19, 2013

Check out the Reebok Cool Globes Team and their Cool Globe Just After It was Unveiled at the Opening!

I especially love the huge sneakers under the globe! - Liam


  1. These globes are so vibrant and inspiring and it is my goal to see all 48 (though one place said 49) I've seen the 26 on the Common, 5 at the Esplanade, 6 in Copley, 3 outside the Hancock, 2 inside the Hancock, 1 at MoS. That's 43. Have to get to Aquarium, but where in Logan are they and how many in Logan? Which terminals?
    Is there a map of all locations? The brochure I got just shows names of the areas I mentioned above.

  2. So glad you like the globes! There is 1 at the New England Aquarium, and 3 at Logan - one each in terminals A, E and C, all on the ground floor. There is also one inside the State House on the 3rd floor.