Friday, August 9, 2013


Dylan here. Back to my conversation with Jason Talbot. When Mrs. Shadek decided to sponsor a globe, she reached out to Artists for Humanity. After a lot of thought and consideration, Mrs. Shadek, Mr. Talbot, and 19 year old Kitauna Parker got together and titled the globe "Mindfulness." The name of the globe is based on a poem written by Ms. Parker and the poem titled "Mindfulness" is painted onto the globe. "Mindfulness" is about being aware of your environment and understanding the needs of our globe. The poem also makes us think about how we should not look for immediate gratification but instead, we should look to the future with a more long term vision. This is consistent with everything we've been blogging about over the past few months. The crisis in our climate can only be fixed if we all take action to improve the long term good of our environment.

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