Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New England's Climate Pledge: Conservation Law Foundation's Cool Globe

New England’s Climate Pledge

To tackle climate change, we need to be working on solutions at every level – from the halls of Congress to the halls of our homes. Conservation Law Foundation is on the forefront of legal and policy solutions to reducing climate pollution, holding polluters and government accountable and advocating for the kinds of systemic change New England needs to meet its climate goals. Whether helping shut down the region’s old coal plants, supporting renewable energy, or fighting for accessible and affordable public transportation, change can’t happen without people who are committed to a thriving New England. The hundreds of people who signed our climate pledge represent diverse backgrounds and shared concern about the future of our region. They embody our belief that, “Together, we can tackle climate change.”

Sponsor: Conservation Law Foundation
Artist: Alexandra Overing

P.S.  Don't you agree that CLF's use of crowd-sourcing to decorate it's Boston Cool Globe is ingenious?  It's basically a giant 3-D climate pledge that was  signed by hundreds if not thousands of New Englanders while located down at the Bank of America Pavilion concert venue this past summer. You could spend hours reading it! - Liam

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