Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fit Body, Fit Planet

Fit Body. Fit Planet.

At Reebok, our mission is to empower people to be fit for life. Living a fit and healthy life starts with making simple choices - like choosing to walk instead of drive. Walking not only helps you, but it also helps our planet. Today, 41% of all trips made in the US are one mile or less but fewer than 10% of those are made by walking and biking. Walking is the simplest pollution-free transportation. So get out there! Start using your feet instead of your wheels. Walk your way to a fitter you and a fitter planet. Change starts with a single step.

Artists: Frank Carroll, The Reebok Walking Team and the Reebok Production Team
Sponsor: Reebok 

P.S. This is definitely one of my favorite globes - and not just because my mom works at Reebok.  I really believe that we should all try to walk or bike instead of taking the car whenever we can. 
 - Liam

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