Monday, September 23, 2013

Neutralize Your Carbon Footprint

Neutralize Your Carbon Footprint

Is your carbon footprint a little heavier than you hoped? Like it or not, we all add to the problem of global warming because we are all energy consumers. Fortunately, we can add to the solution as well by making choices in our daily lives that will reduce or neutralize our carbon footprint. Becoming "carbon neutral" means that you balance the effect of the carbon emissions you create through your energy consumption by purchasing "offsets." Offsets are programs you can support financially that will ultimately reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming. Those programs include wind farms and tropical rainforest replanting projects. Reduce your energy use, offset the remainder, and become carbon neutral!

Artist: Jean-Baptiste Audat

P.S. In case you don't know what a carbon offset is, here is what I found: A carbon offset is a credit that an individual or organization can purchase to negate a carbon footprint. When the number of carbon offsets obtained is equal to an individual or organization's carbon footprint , that person or organization is carbon neutral. Revenue generated from the purchase of carbon offsets is often (but not always) invested in environmentally-friendly projects, like investments in green computing technologies. The purchase of carbon offsets is a fast-growing industry in the wake of compliance legislation and the development of cap and trade systems.(Source:   - Liam

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