Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Mindfulness" Cool Globe - On the Boston Common


Where are the organic productions, the reproductions- of natural farming and plant diversity? How can we rush life into fast foods for our young minds to only consume? Where are all the grass lands, green roofs, and products? We need sustainable architecture to protect our environment’s health. We need change-to feel the breeze of the wind and the freshness of the water. We need to reunite with the climate and earth, to come along as one whole and to be mindful of our surroundings. We need renewable energy sources to protect our forestry and to create a sustainable developement, But more than anything-we need mindfulness.

Artists: Artists For Humanity Participating Young Artists: Kitauna Parker, Wilton Tejeda, and Fedir Teplyuk 
Sponsors: The Loring, Mannion and Shadek families

P.S.  My younger brother Charlie visited this globe on the Boston Common this past Wednesday with his Cub Scout den (see above).  You should visit it too - it is very beautiful - and even more thought-provoking.

- Liam

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