Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Walk Your Chalk" Globe

Walk Your Chalk

How will you “leave your mark” on the planet?  Can you help cool this globe?  How will you be part of the solution? Visitors to the Cool Globes Exhibit Opening Day in Boston were invited to write and draw on this globe with chalk.  Responding to the artist’s thought provoking prompts, participants shared their ideas for living a green life, reducing their carbon footprint, and being part of the solution to climate change.  This created a proactive community chalkboard art project with scores of Bostonians taking action, leaving their mark, declaring their determination to cool this globe, to walk what they chalked.

Artist: Nancy Pochis Bank

P.S.  We had the chance to leave our mark on this globe on the opening day.  It was great to contribute our ideas to this interactive globe! - Liam

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