Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Green Roofs Save Energy Globe & The Cool Globes Boston Exhibit Ends Today...

Green Roofs Save Energy

What color is your roof? A green roof is both a roof and a garden. Plants can be grown in containers, emerge from several inches of soil over a waterproof barrier, or make up part of a more elaborate system that includes deeply rooted plants, shrubbery, and trees. Methods exist to allow almost every roof surface to be greened, even sloped or curved roofs. Green roofs are not only attractive, they also add usable green space and reduce heating and cooling needs. Green roofs conserve energy by moderating temperatures on the roof, inside the building, and in surrounding areas.

Be sure to head to the 8th floor of Boston’s City Hall to check out their green rooftop display!

Artist: Deborah Adams Doering, "The Green Roof Solutions Globe”

P.S.  Even though the Cool Globes Boston exhibit ends today and the globes will be removed tomorrow, you can continue to see the globes here as we continue to feature the globes and their descriptions from the plaques until we have posted about all 46 Boston Cool Globes.  So continue to stay tuned! - Liam

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