Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Commercial Recycling Cool Globe

Commercial Recycling

What a waste! Approximately 35%–45% of discarded waste in the United States is generated by businesses. A good part of this waste stream can be reduced, recycled, and reused. Businesses can conduct waste audits and implement waste reduction and recycling programs. These practices not only save businesses money, but also conserve energy and natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The state of Massachusetts offers the WasteWise program, geared towards helping organizations help reduce their waste output. In most cases, recycling services are privately arranged and tailored to the specific needs of your business. Besides the usual paper and plastic, businesses may recycle pallets, textiles, cooking oil, food waste, landscape waste, motor oil, batteries, tires, and hazardous waste. Construction materials frequently recycled include concrete, asphalt, dirt, rock, and metal.

Is waste reduction and recycling part of your business plan?

Artist: Bryan Sperry, "Recycled Evolution"

P.S. Commercial recycling makes so much sense to me.  So why don't you see if you can make a difference at your company? - Liam

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