Sunday, October 6, 2013

Common Ground Globe

Common Ground

Americans may not agree on which candidate to vote for, but many agree that the environment’s welfare must be part of the national agenda. Elected officials are working across party lines to find solutions to climate change . Last year, a bipartisan coalition of U.S. senators introduced legislation that would reduce gasoline consumption by a trillion gallons over the next 20 years.
Peter Mars has long been a leader in Chicago’s “avant pop” movement. Combining found objects with images from popular media, Mars painted his globe to tell a poignant tale of the crea- tures who are most immediately affected by climate change : the polar bears. The patriotic globe shows a concerned polar bear father visiting the U.S. Capitol to try to convince senators and representatives to help him save the rapidly receding polar ice.

Artist: Peter Mars, “Mr. Polar Bear goes to Washington”

P.S.  I agree completely with the message of this Cool Globe - we all need to work together to find solutions to climate change!  - Liam

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