Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have you guys seen what Greenpeace does?

Hi! Dylan here. Have you guys heard of the organization Greenpeace? Well, in my opinion they're one of the best (if not the best) environmental organizations in the world. They protect forests, protect oceans, and protect the Arctic from Global Warming! They literally do everything! Let me just list some of their accomplishments from 2013. They persuaded Asia Pulp & Paper, the world's third largest paper company, to announce a deforestation policy, protecting Indonesian rain forests. They protested and made Duke Energy close two of its most dangerous coal plants. They persuaded New York to ban the trade of shark fins to make delicacies like shark fin soup.  Shark fin soup production kills 73 million sharks each year. As I said before, this is only some of their 2013 accomplishments and they have 100's of other completions from past years. You can view them all at this link: Greenpeace Victories. Look people, organizations like Greenpeace are what's going to help us win the fight against Global Warming. Now, I know they've done some controversial things over the years but we have to look at the good things they've done. So, yeah, big shout out to Greenpeace and all their work!! Check them out at this link: Greenpeace. Peace out people, Dylan.

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