Monday, March 18, 2013

Daylight Savings

Hi! It's Dylan here. On Saturday night, I was getting ready for my swimming championships when I remembered something vital. I had to change the clocks so I wouldn't wake up at the wrong time. I looked up daylight savings and realized that daylight savings is actually for lessening the use of energy. If people are asleep longer then they won't use as much energy. Therefore, lessening the use of greenhouse gases and helping global warming. This is Dylan, signing off.


  1. The idea for keeping daylight saving time is that when it is light outside later in the evening you don't need to use so much lighting in your home, and it is already light when you wake up in the morning. I really like it when it stays light later on in the evening.

  2. Daylight savings always makes me feel more energetic and upbeat. We all need as much sunlight as we can get! Yeh for longer daylight hours.
    A Boston Friend