Friday, July 12, 2013

Nancy Schon's Cool Globe for Boston Exhibit: Reading Greens the Future

On Tuesday July 2, I had the privilege of speaking with Make Way for Ducklings artist Nancy Schon. The ducklings are in the Boston Public Garden.  By going to her web site www.schon, you can see many of her other amazing works of art. She is decorating a Cool Globe for the Boston Exhibit.

Here is the interview.

(Liam) Why did you decide to participate in the Cool Globes Boston exhibit?

(Nancy) Because I want my grandchildren to have a nice cool green planet when they grown up. I am thinking about my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

(Liam) Can you tell us what the Cool Globe you are decorating is about?

(Nancy) The title of my Cool Globe is "Reading Greens the Future."

(Liam) Why is this the title?  

(Nancy)  I believe that, through reading, kids learn different ways to Green the planet.  Our kids are our future and they are learning how to improve our world through their reading.

(Liam) How will you create your Cool Globe?

(Nancy)  First, I put black and white cut-outs of the covers of about 106 well-known children's literature on the globe - e.g., Make Way for Ducklings, Curious George, A Chair for My Mother... Then I started to spray and color it.  Finally, I will paste color copies of children's book covers on the globe.

Nancy sent me some pictures of her Cool Globe in progress.  Here are the first two.  Tune in over the next week to see Nancy Schon's Cool Globe "Reading Greens the Future" begin to take shape

Having created the bronze Make Way for Ducklings statutes that connect with the famous children's book set in Boston, Nancy obviously has a strong connection with children's literature so her Cool Globe ties in perfectly to her work.

I for one can't wait to see the completed globe on the Boston Common in August!

Thank you Nancy for all that you are doing for Cool Globes Boston!


After washing the globe, Nancy and her intern cut out and taped the book covers in black and white to see how they would look.

Nancy's intern Nellie is seen spraying the globe with gray auto base coat.

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