Sunday, April 14, 2013

How a bottle is recycled

This is the cycle of how plastic bottles are recycled. First is COLLECTION. The bottles are picked up from schools, homes and everywhere that recycles and taken to a recycling facility. Next is SORTING. Bottles and containers are sorted based on what material they are made of and sometimes what color, the items are then put into a machine that shreds them. Then it is MELTING. The shreds are washed to clean them, take out any leftover contents and take off any labels. Then they are dried and melted. FLAKING. The melted plastic is made into flakes, that can be made into a broad range of products. NEXT APPLICATIONS. The flakes can be spun into thread that can be made into a wide variety of items including carpets, clothing and filling for jackets and quilts. They can also be made into new bottles.

Here is the link to the Discovery Kids picture:

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